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123movies site is a huge collection of links to sites where you can watch movies from different years online in HD quality.

Here you will find sorting by genre, by year, by actors, and by Director. We also have a large selection of the best movies for every taste.

For example, if you want to watch the best comedies of 2015, please find them in this section. The best horror movies of 2017 are here. The best films of 2020 are here.

Add our site to your bookmarks and you will always be able to watch the latest movies and series of TV shows the day after their airing.

How often is content updated on 123movies

We add movies, series, and new episodes every day. We also update the quality of the video if the movie appears in the network as better than what is displayed on the site.

How do I watch movies and TV series on 123Movies?

First, you need to find a movie that you will watch. This is easy to do using the search that is located at the top of the site. Then you need to click Play on the movie page and, in the window that opens, you will see a player that will start playing the video.

You can choose the desired viewing quality (1080p, 720p, 480, 360), turn subtitles on or off, and turn lights on or off.

Do I need to download videos to view them?

No, you don't need to download movies to watch them. We use embedded video. Just click Play and enjoy the selected movie.

Is it legal to watch movies on 123Movies?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to watch movies. Video files are not stored on our site, we only provide links to sites where the video is stored, as Google does, for example. Therefore, the use of our site is as legal as the use of Google. At the request of the copyright holder, we remove illegal links from our site.