123movies is a streaming site that offers its visitors a huge library of movies and TV shows of various genres and release years. You can view them either from your own account or without creating an account on the server.

Main features of 123movies

They should be considered individually.


It is distinguished by its simplicity. Even an untrained person can understand the intricacies of its use in a few minutes. The developers of 123movies gave preference to light colors in the design. As a result, even after several hours of using the site, a person`s eyes do not begin to hurt.

Even in "guest" mode (i.e. when a person has not gone through the authorization procedure on the site), the following sections are available to the user:

  • Genre;
  • A country;
  • Movies;
  • TV shows;
  • Top IMDB.

After registration, you will be able to use additional functions of the web resource.

For example, a separate panel for quick search becomes available, as well as a special menu. In addition, the system begins to remember what queries a person constantly enters. It analyzes them and creates a special selection based on the user's interests. This greatly simplifies the search for new content and makes it more productive.

You can connect social network accounts to your home page. They will come in handy for sharing videos with friends. In addition, a profile in social networks and instant messengers can be used to quickly create an account in an online cinema.

Site content

Here a person gets access to high quality videos. They can be viewed on a computer or laptop, or on a phone. Moreover, in all cases the quality will be high (if, of course, viewing films in this resolution allows the technical capabilities of the device).

An interesting feature of 123movies is that there are no advertisements. This allows you to calmly enjoy watching your favorite videos.

You can search for films yourself or choose from ready-made genres (25 in total). It is also possible to install individual filters (37 types available), which allows you to speed up the process of finding a new movie.

Some videos have a download function so you can watch them offline. Those. theoretically, if there is enough memory on the device, a person can simply download a file with a movie and watch it at any time, regardless of the strength of the Internet signal. However, experienced film fans advise using this function with a certain amount of caution. The specifics of streaming sites have an effect.

If a person really wants to download the movie he likes, it is better to use additional software. However, whether it is worth the risk or not, each user decides for himself. If you have a good antivirus program installed on your computer, then you can download videos from 123movies without fear.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • watching movies through this online cinema does not require financial investments;
  • videos can be watched without registration;
  • there is practically no buffering here;
  • Most movies are of high quality (excluding old TV shows).


  • the only drawback of the server is that it is not possible to turn on subtitles for all films (which makes it difficult to watch films with dubbing in foreign languages).


123movies provides its users with ample opportunities to watch movies and TV shows. There is a simplified search system and many additional filters. Moreover, you can watch videos in this online cinema completely free of charge.